Saturday 30 July 2016

TOPMAN black ladder crew neck

I’ve been reading rumours that Peter is wearing a notable new jumper.

You may remember that from the middle of series eight Peter started wearing an ill-fitting and looking black jumper from Paul Smith.

Full of designer holes it was well over £300 when bought new at their stores and having only been made in limited numbers, was quickly sold out.

it’s not uncommon for other retailers to pick up on new trends and style and produce their own version of garments. This has been useful to cosplayers in the past when it has been possible to find cheaper versions of look-a-like garments in stores two or three seasons down the line.

What appears to have happened is Topman have followed this pattern and made their own version of the Paul Smith jumper, calling it their Black Ladder Crew Neck Jumper, and it is this that has been picked up by Hayley Nebauer for the latest look The Doctor is sporting for filming in Valencia.
I have heavily brightened the cropped image to the left so you can see the holes showing through the deep red t-shirt below.
As is typical for new costume garments, the jumper is already sold out online, but I have been reading that in-store stocks are still around if you are willing to do the footwork to track one down.

At the moment that seems to be the only option.

TOPMAN - Black Ladder Crew Neck Jumper

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