Friday 1 July 2016

JOHN LEWIS NAVY Mason Cotton Waistcoat

This week saw the second variation of costume for series ten.

It included a new casual waistcoat.

Going back a couple of series, a key part of The Doctor’s costume like this would have been custom made. Think of the deep purple Prince Of Wales check worn by Matt Smith in Day Of The Doctor (and Capaldi for his regeneration); also the black formal waistcoat worn by Capaldi at the end of his first series.

But he’s not worn a custom-made waistcoat since Death In Heaven - all waistcoats since then have, unusually (in my opinion) been off-the-peg, mainly from TM Lewin.

This waistcoat is now no exception, having been sourced from John Lewis.

It goes without saying they are sold out online, but if you are willing to make the effort and go out to the high street you can still find them in-store.

JOHN LEWIS & Co. Navy Mason Cotton Waistcoat


  1. The layering is really getting a bit much, isn't it? I was never a huge fan of the hoodie anyway, but at least the black merino version from All Saints didn't look too bad with the navy wool coat. But layered t-shirts, plus a waistcoat, PLUS a hoodie... Good grief!

  2. What colour is the TM Lewin waistcoat? Is it black or navy?


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